Wednesday, August 26, 2009

About That Goose-Egg Yesterday ...

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans

Yeah, we rung up a goose-egg yesterday, with no posting, unfortunately.

We got snagged yesterday by a Trojan (Windows Protection Suite), that while only a mid-level threat, it was most insidious, as it continually (even while running scans to eliminate it), would pop up with dire warnings that our computer was infected and, to "click here" to activate the protection.

Which of course, was their own product.

A few of the usual tools we employ for such didn't do the job, so we searched it out and found one that worked (we ended up using SuperAntiSpyware).

So, for, roughly, 10-hours, we were consumed with scanning, taking 2-3-hours, per scan

By the time all was well, it was late evening, and we were in no mood to be creative, or just about, anything else.

We're back today with some posts and, hopefully, will remain unencumbered, the rest of the week

As always, many thanks for visiting, and reading, The Garlic


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