Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where Did We See This Before?

Seems that The Washington Post is giving Stephen Hayes a run for his money, of being the Chief Cheney Fluffer, with an enormo article today, essentially, endorsing the Shadow President's view that torture is good.

But it is the Politico article that has rung bells for me;

The story -- which seems sure to provoke an intense reaction from the many critics of President Bush's interrogation policies, and comes just before Dick Cheney's appearance, taped Friday, on Fox News Sunday ...
Hmmm ...

I guess with Little Timmy Russert gone, MTP isn't quite the friendly place for Shadow President Cheney to go promote his propaganda (not that David Gregory would, necessarily, do anything different in making Cheney as comfortable as he could, tossing big, ol' Russert-like softballs).

Now granted, the Politico piece notes the interview was taped on Friday.

You have to figure that Shadow President Cheney has his sources, if not given an advance copy outright, so it will be interesting to see how much of it Cheney quotes, or, coincidentally, states in similar, if not the exact same language.

Not as sharp as the old NYT/Judy Miller days, but, you have to figure, not actually still being in power, they have to work a little harder to pull those strings.

And, Little Timmy Russert must be smiling in his grave.

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