Sunday, August 09, 2009

Instant Ignorant Dolt: Newt Gingrich

Now, one could argue, that this is redundant.

That former Congressman, and Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, would already be an Ignorant Dolt , grandfathered in, for his years of lying, hypocracy, and, if no other reason, his "Contract On America".

But today, on Mini-Me-Clintonite, George Stephanopoulos's 'This Week', Gingrich choose to stick his head up Sarah Palin's butt, a surely awkward manner in which to kiss her ass, but, nonetheless, he did.

Newt Gingrich and Howard Dean went at it on health care this morning on This Week. Especially over Sarah Palin's claim that Obama's health care plan will create "death panels" that would encourage euthanasia.

“Communal standards historically is a very dangerous concept,” Gingrich told me.

“You are asking us to trust turning power over to the government, when there are clearly people in American who believe in establishing euthanasia, including selective standards.”
(Click the ABC Link for the video, and watch Newt raise his hand, signaling he wants the Ignorant Dolt title)

We posted about this last evening, on Palin, and the Republican's meme that Obamacare means "death to the elderly", so, perhaps, Gingrich saw it, and is lobbying for a position in Trig Palin's administration.

Steve Benen places, nicely, the IID Crown on Gingrich;
There are two relevant questions here. First, why was Newt Gingrich, the disgraced former House Speaker who was driven from office by his own party 11 years ago, invited to appear as some kind of credible policy expert on "This Week"?

Second, what is Gingrich talking about? We're talking about a provision in the House bill that would allow Medicare to pay for voluntary counseling sessions on advance care planning. The idea came from a Republican senator, Maine's Susan Collins, who's argued that the measure would improve Medicare's "care for patients at the end of their lives."

Either Gingrich knows this, in which case he was lying, or he doesn't, in which case he shouldn't be spouting nonsense on national television.

Bet on that he knows he is lying ... Old habits die hard.

Also, from the same segment, watch Howard Dead bitch-slap Gingrich;

Dean vs. Gingrich On Health Care Reform

Next time you're in Boston Newt Gingrich, come around to The Garlic, and pick up your Ignorant Dolt Crown and Sceptre.

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