Friday, November 13, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: New Jobs Being Considered By Lou Dobbs

News Item: Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN to Pursue Activist Role

10. Become a Vampire Novelist

9. Front a buy of an NFL team for his buddy, Rushbo

8. Plans on stalking Howard Dean

7. Devote the rest of his life to curing leprosy

6. Launch Moon.Com, and start the franchise for Moon water

5. Become front man for Liz Cheney's group 'Keep America Safe'

4. Devote the rest of his life to digging out President Obama's birth certificate

3. Rumor is Lou off to Taco Bell, to be the straight man for the little dog

2. Team up with Lady Gaga, for a duo act

1. Just go out and build the cotton-pickin' border fence himself!

Bonus Lou Dobbs Riffs

CAP News: Lou Dobbs To Host Immigration Reality Show

Paul Krugman: Lou Dobbs

Will Bunch - Attytood: It's "Taps" for Dobbs

Joe Sudbay: CNN's on-air racist, Lou Dobbs, is gone after tonight's show

Thers - Late Night: Lou Dobbs Likely to Annoy Nation in New Capacity

No Doubt, Lou Dobbs Will Go Absolut-ely Apocalyptic

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