Monday, November 02, 2009

Going Gaga

Well, we're still in our low posting/no posting mode, as tasks on the homefront, and appointments, have piled up, shifting our earlier projection back until tomorrow, or, more likely, Wednesday.

We hope ...

However, we do have a couple of "Gaga" moments to report on.

Frist, was the former Court-Appointed-President ((h/t Barry Crimmins)), The Commander Guy, punching the time clock, continuing to work at showing why he is going down in history as the Worst President Ever.

Bush on bin Laden: ‘I guess he is not dead.’

Eight years ago, President Bush asserted with great bravado that al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden would be taken “dead or alive.” “I don’t care, dead or alive — either way,” Bush said at the time. This weekend, while attending a conference of business leaders in New Delhi, India, Bush struck a different tone:

Asked whether al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden could be alive, Bush said “I guess he is not dead.”

He, however, noted that Laden is hiding and “not leading victory parades” or “espousing his cause” on TV.

He expressed confidence that Laden will be brought to justice which “he deserves to be” and it was a matter of time.
There must be a certain level of bliss, for someone that stupid, reveling in their own stupidity.

Maybe we should have this next guy read some of his speeches.

There was a minor buzz on the World Wide Web, over Christopher Walken, appearing on the BBC One program "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" last week,

College Humor dubbed it "For Halloween Christopher Walken became an impression of himself."

Mahalo said;
The actor, known for his strange inflections and awkward, halting manner of speech, emphasized each individual syllable of the pop song's chorus, rendering it comical and ridiculous when spoken aloud.
What Christopher Walken did was read aloud Lady Gaga's song "Poker Face", as only Christopher Walken can do.

As they say on those sports show, "Let's go to the tape";

Christopher Walken performs Lady Gaga's Poker Face

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