Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hilarious Roland Hedley, on Larry King

This post was intended to go up on Tuesday, but due to a jammin' schedule on the homefront, it fell by the wayside.

We posted him back in April, that being Roland Hedley, Star Journalist

The intrepid reporter stepped out of the pages of Garry Trudeau's 'Doonesbury and opened a Twitter account, that is, frequently, hysterically funny stuff.

Howie Kurtz, of the WaPo, talked with Trudeau;

"It became a creative challenge unlike any I've ever set for myself," Trudeau says. "Kind of a comedy haiku. It's ridiculously short. The trick is to make it seem tossed-off. Roland rarely thinks about what he writes."
Kurtz also interviewed Hedley, in a gimmicky segment on his CNN Reliable Sources, via Tweets, saved only by the voice reading Hedley's Tweets was none other that Sam Donaldson (a very pointed comic irony, I would say).

Hedley later tweeted;
Headbutted w/ @howardkurtz on CNN. Made him cry like little girl, but still buds. Both pros

Now, Trudeau has put out a book, 'My Shorts R Bunching. Thoughts?: The Tweets of Roland Hedley', so, naturally, there's a barnstorming media tour.

And, Hedley tweeted about being on Larry King;
Larry King now played by elderly actress using motion-capture suit, voice synthesizer. Fascinating. O, this Modern Age!

Taping LKL. Didn't know Larry is just an avatar, that real Larry retired in '02, living quietly in Scottsdale. Hunh.

It made my day.

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