Thursday, November 05, 2009

Zinger of the Week Goes To Joan Walsh!

We have to heart Joan Walsh today, with her "I heart Dede Scozzafava ...I promised to blog from vacation if Bill Owens won NY23; here's my lazy compromise."

I semi-promised to blog from vacation if Democrat Bill Owens defeated Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, the right-wing carpetbagger backed by jobless Sarah Palin, in the NY-23 race. I did that because, um, I didn't think Owens could possibly win. But he did, and now I've got 20 minutes free before my next hike with Sadie, and here's the best I can do: My Twitter stream from last night, as I watched the returns on MSNBC with Anne Lamott and our three dogs.

Okay, she's solid.

She said, even if halfheartedly, that she would duke Bill Owens, if he won, and she did.

The NY-23 was where a flock of Flying Monkeys, including Mommy Moose, the former leader of the Free Alaska, ganged up on the Republican Scozzafava, because she wasn't deranged enough, backing the Flying Monkey who didn't even live in the district.

And, why does Joan Walsh heart Dede Scozzafaza?
I just want to say one extra thing: It's got to be great to be Dede Scozzafaza today. She gives me hope that moderate Republicans will either come to their senses and take their party back, or more likely, become Democrats.
That will only get a few of the Flying Monkey to throw feces at each other.

The real zinger, the zinger of the week, came at the end of the post, speaking to Ms. Ya Betcha's involvement, and her sterling work record;
See you Monday -- unless there's really big news, like Sarah Palin quits whatever she's currently doing, again.

Whatever happens Joan, when the Flying Monkeys swoop in on you, don't cave-in like Letterman.

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