Monday, January 25, 2010

I Hope This Doesn't Give The Commander Guy Any Ideas

A word, first, on that "rear-view mirror" thing, then, the hijinks

Why, on earth, would you, President Obama, bring in The Commander Guy, to the Haitian Relief Effort?

Is there a Convention Center in Port-au-Prince, filled with desperate people, that you can put him in charge of ignoring?

Will you have him just do a few "fly-overs"?

When Hurricane Katrina hit, I believe, he was delivering a birthday cake to Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

Did you dispatch him to Haiti to deliver cakes?

Did Harold Ford convince you, that it would be good to hear his voice
on this?

Maybe, Mr. President, you need to check out, and look into deeper, the interview of Amy Goodman, with Randall Robinson, to see how boneheaded it is to have him anywhere near this, and how insulting it is to the Haitians.

Heck of a job, there, Obama...

And, on another front, we'll put our bets on this kid, doing way more for Haiti, then Mr. Ek-A-Lec-Tic;

Boy, 7, raises $160,000 for Haiti appeal

He's no Wyclef Jean or George Clooney, but that hasn't stopped seven-year-old Charlie Simpson from raising more than £120,000 ($195,000) for the Haiti earthquake.

Simpson from Fulham, west London had hoped to raise just £500 for UNICEF's earthquake appeal by cycling eight kilometers (five miles)around a local park.

"My name is Charlie Simpson. I want to do a sponsored bike ride for Haiti because there was a big earthquake and loads of people have lost their lives," said Simpson on his JustGiving page, a fundraising site which launched his efforts.

"I want to make some money to buy food, water and tents for everyone in Haiti," he said.
Oh, no, bicycles ...

The Commander Guy might get in his head that "Hey, I can do something like that."

As history goes, no, no he can't

What's next Obama, have the former Shadow President Cheney take some Haitians out hunting?

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I like Harold Ford. I really hope he is able to pull this off but I think he might have gotten in over his head. There are so many forces stacked against him (particularly Chuckles Schumer) that it would seem to be a herculean task before him. But if anyone can do it, he can. he's a smart guy and a good guy.

That being said, a lot of people who should know better are predicting that 2010 will be a Republican year. They aren't paying attention. The extremists within that party will only continue to destroy it. Anyone who thinks that 2010 is going to be a Republican year had better think again. The Tea Party knuckleheads are already taking credit for the Massachusetts upset last week and are set (they believe) to take over the party. When they are denied the opportunity to do that, they'll splinter the vote with third or even fourth party uprisings.

How am I so sure of this? It's quite simple, really. These people are not only crazy, they're dumber than doggy dung. It's only a matter of months before their mad house of cards comes crashing down.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY