Friday, January 22, 2010

Special Announcement - Help Needed!

As to posting today, this comes at an opportune time.

We've been battling a major cold all week, and a considerable, ass-kicking cough, and we are giving in to taking it easy, and seeing if the meds we acquired today for it, do any good.

Numerous times, over our soon-to-be-five-years, we have attempted to bring your attention to others, usually by the way of a "pointer-post", a "Good Post Alert", what-have you, as a means to highlight some other great writing, or, a good cause, something you should be aware of, or look at.

Tonight, we are going to ask you to pony up.

Earlier this month, on his Facebook page, Barry Crimmins appealed to his readers, for good vibes, prayers, anything positive in the way of thoughts, for a "young lady" who was going through a life-threatening crises.

Even before we talked, I knew this was something extraordinary, though, not unusual, as Barry, typically, is the one leading the charge, often unasked, to help someone else.

Privately, Barry confided that this "young lady" was his 34-year-old niece, who, while on Christmas vacation, in Texas, visiting relatives, fell seriously ill, and at the hospital, cancer was discovered, an aggressive, massive amount of cancer.

The initial prognosis was not good, casting a fearful grimness throughout the family, with its' shuddering finality.

However, additional testing, and further consultations, a short time later, offered a way to deal with the situation, a course of treatment that would save this young, single mother of a 5-year-old "superhero" and deliver her to a healthy life, again.

(In talking with a small circle of friends, privately, as word got around, a special Hat-Tip goes out to Tom Kenny, known to the small fry generation as SpongeBob SquarePants, who, on his own, put together a special, customized audio message to Vanessa's little 5-year-old, from SpongeBob SquarePants, that would knock your socks off)

Barry lifted the curtain today, with a "new" news announcement;

The young woman I've been asking you to support with good thoughts and prayers is my darling niece, Vanessa. Her friends have put up a website and they're planning a benefit @ The Oakland Metro Operahouse: The Oakland Metro Operahouse: 6303rd St. in Oakland California FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5TH 8PM..! There's a DONATE button on the site. Any help sincerely appreciated! Thanks so much and please keep the good karma coming!

The site is VanessaFightingCancer

Vanessa Smith of San Francisco, Oakland, New Orleans, Austin, Dallas, and Black Rock City.. rock & roll musician, artist, dancer, healer, student, single mother of a 5-year old superhero.. during a Holiday visit to her family in Dallas Texas was admitted into the hospital where she underwent emergency surgery and diagnosed with Advanced Colorectal Cancer.

The doctors are saying that her cancer is aggressive, however, it is currently localized and they are hopeful for a full recovery.

They have a PayPal button you can make a donation with, and are asking;
Hit the Paypal Donate button. Under donation amount: "$2.00" Put in the subject: ".. ♥ ..fight..!!..we love you..!.. ♥ .."
If you can donate more than $2.00, please do so.

As D.A. of Black Rock (aka Dominic Tinio), who put up VanessaFightingCancer, says, "Until our world can figure out the whole Health Care looks like we're just going to have to take care of each other the best we can ..."

And, even though he is a super-hero, the 5-year-old is gonna need some help.

(In an effort to give this maximum exposure, we will resume posting to The Garlic on Monday)

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barry crimmins said...

I saw this on the RSS and wondered what you needed. Imagine my surprise when I saw you making a plea on behalf of Vanessa! Thanks so much!

One note: Vanessa is 34. Superboy is 5.

Profound thanks to anyone who sends along support with good thoughts, prayers, donations and so on.