Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Martha Chokely

Oh My!

It really hasn't been, oh, that long ago, that fervent, boiling, in-your-face expectations have been thoroughly crushed, decimated, blown to smithereens.

Just two years ago, when local icons Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick, walked off the Super Bowl field, 18-1, as opposed to the expected 19-0.

Paging Martha Chokely!

Oh boy, did she blow it ... big time!

She took a Ned Lamont-siesta, after winning the primary, and never got into the game.

State Senator Scott Brown is now U.S. Senator Scott Brown, and the first thing he should do, in the morning, with a bouquet of flowers, send a "Thank You" note to Martha Chokely.

  • He needs to thank her, for being such a enormously pathetic candidate
  • Thank her for settling into the mindset of entitlement, that winning the primary was, essentially, all she had to do
  • Thank her for not driving a pick-up truck
  • Thank her for not knowing about sports
While The Village, and all the Cable Talking Heads, will be pontificating, like an "All You Can Eat" at the Country Buffet, that "Healthcare Reform Is Dead" and "Obama's Agenda is in trouble", stopping short (maybe) of calling him a Lame Duck President, the Dems will, if they stay to form, cower at this fusillade, offer no rebuttal and beat Martha Chokely like a pinata.

It will be like a Looney Tunes, with Chokely being punched, kicked, anvil-hit-over-the-head, shot, thrown off a cliff, before crawling to her feet, and being plowed over by the speeding truck.

Most of it, deserved.

However, as to the bigger picture, unless something remarkably uncanny happened, and all kinds of state and federal laws were, suddenly, abrogated, and changed, today, newly-elected Teabagger Senator Scott Brown only won one Senatorial seat, not 18-20, and, unless something else has changed, Brown will come to a dead stop, after he runs-like-the-wind, to get to DC, and join the rest of the PartyofNoicans, in doing nothing.

Amazingly, some three-+ hours ago, Tweety was showering the crowd at Doyles with spittle, foaming over Brown, and all but coronating him the Presidential winner in 2012.

And, that was before the polls closed.

You can expect more of that, when the Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show pick up on it, soon followed by the projected pairing of Teabagger Senator Brown with Teabagger MoneyRaker Mommy Moose, the former half-term governor of Alaska.

There'll be endless blabbering about "recalibration", with all the discussion about how the Democrats, for losing one Senate seat, will have to "change" and the calls will grow for them to bend over, and give the PartyofNoicans whatever they want.

What the Dems need to do is, along with growing a few pairs, start governing, start using their majority in Congress, to govern, much as the PartyofNoicans did (when they were known as "Republicans"), during the The Bush Grindhouse years, where they, without a majority, handed The Commander Guy everything he wanted.

As far as governing, drafting up, and passing new laws, polices, etc, Brown's election is but a blip.

The PartyofNoican Leadership (yeah, we know, an oxymoron) will exploit Brown, new red meat to throw out there, and recycle the Obama slurs and distortions, generate headlines on the house rag, The Politico, Matt Sludge, etc. and become the new darling guest Talking Points stand-in, over on Faux News.

So, in sum, more of the same.

No game changer here.

Balls in your court, Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.

Just remember, in any interviews you do in the next few days, Curt Schilling is not a Yankee fan.

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