Sunday, February 03, 2008

18 - 1

This is to follow-up my post, from the end of December, when the NFL season ended and the New England Patriots went 16-0.

In it, I noted a nearly lifetime of disappointments associated with the Patriot franchise and how unbelievable it was to see their current success.

Tonight, for millions here in New England, and elsewhere, the perfect season dream ended, with a blistering, thrashing, Joe-Frazier-in-Manila, beating.

The New York Football Giants tattooed the Patriots, in case you haven't heard by now, 17-14, in Super Bowl 42.

And, while it was a thrilling game, right down to the final minute (not a common occurrence in the Super Bowl), the score is a bit deceiving.

The Giants kicked the Patriots asses, in the trenches, on the line, standing them up and knocking them down.

Again and again ... Over and over ...

Tom Brady is going to seriously sore tomorrow ... It almost seemed, for a good chunk of the game, that it was mandatory they bat-and-beat Brady around.

While Manning, the 3rd, will win a great deal of attention (he was named MVP of the game, giving the history books a new entry, for back-to-back Super Bowl MVP brothers, as Peyton won it last year), for driving the Giants down, with less-than 3:00 left in the game, for the winning touchdown, make no mistake about who won this game.

The Giants defense.

They totally disrupted Brady & Co., making them, quite uncharacteristically, pedestrian for most of the game.

The Patriots were outcoached as well, also something uncharacteristic.

This was one-for-the-ages, perhaps equal to, if not surpassing Namath, and Super Bowl III.

Congrats to all you New York Football Giants fans out there ... It was a great game and, as it should be, on the field, the better team won this evening.

Giants Win Super Bowl

Giants Beat Patriots 17-14

New York Giants win Super Bowl

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