Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mukasey Plays The Card ... So, Pelosi, We Need That Table - Now!

Well, the new Crony General might as well had a brass band playing behind him.

Crony General Michael Mukasey, and this was real big of him, let the House Judiciary Committee know today that - Surprise, Surprise - he has no intentions of opening criminal investigations on the Bush Grindhouse, for their admitted torture of detainees or their illegal wiretapping.

The reason?

The Department of Injustice signed off on the practices as LEGAL!

That being the previous Crony General, and the handpicked henchman, the Bush Grindhouse stocked it with.


Didn't Woody Allen do a film like this? ... The Marx Brothers?

From David Kurtz, over on TalkingPointsMemo;

"It is as brazen a defense of the unitary executive as anything put forward by the Administration in the last seven years, and it comes from an attorney general who was supposed to be not just a more professional, but a more moderate, version of Alberto Gonzales (Thanks to Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer for caving on the Mukasey nomination.).

President Bush has now laid down his most aggressive challenge to the very constitutional authority of Congress. It is a naked assertion of executive power. The founders would have called it tyrannical. His cards are now all on the table. This is no bluff."

Steve Benen, from The Carpetbagger Report, notes in his Mukasey to honor the ‘get out of jail free’ card the administration gave itself "I’m fairly certain impeachment was developed for situations like these."

Hear that Harry Reid?

Hear that Nancy Pelosi?

Think you can, Nancy, dig up that table you so callously tossed aside, to put an end to this madness?

If not, it's still out there for anyone that wants to save this country, The Garlic laid it out last July, and it's still a good deal;
Happy 4th of July ... Okay, It May Be Down To This .... Citizen's Arrest!
Help Me Mr. Wizard!

More Mukasey Treason

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Hmmm ... Did Mukasey get the thick, bulging envelope up-front, or does he get it on the way out, after the job is complete?

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