Friday, February 08, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Hillary Clinton Can Raise More Money

News Item: Clinton Loaned Her Campaign $5 Million

10. Offer to stand-in, and take the booing for John McCain

9. Be like pro athletes - start charging for her autograph

8. Make herself available to shoot a few Wal-Mart commercials

7. Hey, the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum doesn't have a "First Lady wing" ... Time to hit up the donors, again ...

6. With her crying jags, product placement from Kleenex

5. Lean on Terry McAuliffe, to come up with some more shady land or stock deals

4. Next debate, more logos on her dress than anything at NASCAR

3. Since she did the more live, town hall meeting on the Hallmark Channel, put out a Hallmark audio greeting card of her laugh

2. Have her, and ex-President husband, don those gigantic, oversized, rubber Sumo Wrestler suits and go at it on Pay-Per-View

1. Wait a minute! ... I have a website ... I can do a Hillarython!

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