Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Memoriam ...

Good Evening Garlic Fans

I had expected to put up an Editor's post this evening, to explain our absence yesterday (due to a severe flu bug thing going around), however, we received much sadder news.

The Aunt that we have been caretaker to, who we made numerous references to, in our trials-and-tribulations, has passed away, at the age of 97.

She is the end of an era, the last of her siblings to pass.

Born to Syrian immigrants, she lived a rich, full life, living independently, until age 90 (and, fighting off a purse-snatcher, at, around, 87 or 88).

She was a prolific baker, sewer, knitter, and giver, always there, always giving of herself.

It is sad, but we know now, she is in a better place.

With this, we can't say, for sure, when we will resume posting, certainly not over the next few days.

So, busy yourself by running down the left sidebar, and read the highlighted post, or explore some of the other great writers out there via our Links Section.

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barry crimmins said...

Profound condolences, Tom. More remarks here: