Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Eric Massa Cloud

Tickle Fights?... Favorite Song - In The Navy? ... "The sexual tension between Glenn Beck and Eric Massa is palpable"...Crossing The Line - Shellbacks and Pollywags ... Favorite TV Show - Bachelor Father? ... Groping Male Staffers... Cancer ... "You need any help with that, let me know" ...The Democratic Leadership Made Me Do It... Snorkling ... Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?...

Oh, we could go on-and-on, piling on this riveting, public meltdown.

So, rather, we will turn it over to another - Barry Crimmins.

Crimmins' "Ticklish Times in NY-29" is hysterical, a complete rundown, but I can't say "soup-to-nuts" with this story, without breaking out in a huge grin;
That was Saturday night. On Sunday he went on his radio show and tried to explain himself. It got mighty weird. He told of how when men sleep in the same bed together they should sleep one man under a sheet, the other over it. This method helps avoid any accidental sexual contact. How about flipping a coin and the loser gets the floor, Eric? The Three Stooges were the last guys I can think of who could sleep in the same bed free of sexual overtones.

Then he told of how he ended up at a table with all 15 of the "bachelors" on his congressional staff at the end of a drunken wedding party. Massa, by the way, uses the word "bachelor" more often than a 50's movie about marriage-averse single men. Before long and due to his own loopy disclosures, it became obvious that he seeks the company of bachelors more often than say, Clifton Webb.
There's a lot more ...

Go read "Ticklish Times in NY-29"

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