Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Condolences, To The Olbermann Family

Tough weekend, in the Death Business.

We just discovered that Theodore Olbermann, father of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, passed away today, after an extended illness, following what had been successful colon surgery.

My father died, in the city of his birth, New York, at 3:50 EST this afternoon

He was my inspiration, and will always remain so. His bravery these last six months cannot be measured. He is as much my hero now, as he was when I was five years old.

Early in The Garlic's history, we often featured Olbermann's rants, his "Special Comments", unique at that time, as he sought to bring to the attention of the American Public the lies, crimes and misdemeanors, of the Court Appointed President.

More recently, he used his pulpit, to shake his fist at the spineless Congress, and the Right Wing Freak Show, using his father's situation, to highlight the need for comprehensive healthcare reform;

Drew Grant: Keith Olbermann Discusses Father, “Life Panels”

Ron Chusid: An American Cry For Help

Our condolences, to the Olbermann Family

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