Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh, Peggy ... One Line Does Not A Column Make

Perhaps, amid the clutter of empty wine bottles, our favorite #1 Ronald Reagan Groupie is at it again.

She was all full of herself yesterday, proud as a peacock, because she got to bash President Obama, and the Democrats, over Healthcare Reform.

And all because she came up with, what she thinks, is a really witty line;

Demon Pass.

See, if the move to pass the legislation, it is said, to get the votes in the House, Nancy Pelosi will employ a procedure known as "Deem-and-Pass", being they will "deem" the already-passed Senate bill, and then vote on the changes to the bill.

So, Our Girl Peggy thinks she's being cute.

Demon Pass.

You can read her column ('Now for the Slaughter'), in which half of it is the transcript of the President's interview on the Faux New Network the other night, as it full of all the PartyofNoican talking points, how this is going to cause the country to implode, and people will be left to run around with their heads on fire.

Excuse me, but it is embarrassing—really, embarrassing to our country—that the president of the United States has again put off a state visit to Australia and Indonesia because he's having trouble passing a piece of domestic legislation he's been promising for a year will be passed next week. What an air of chaos this signals to the world. And to do this to Australia of all countries, a nation that has always had America's back and been America's friend.

How bush league, how undisciplined, how kid's stuff.


And so it ends, with a health-care vote expected this weekend. I wonder at what point the administration will realize it wasn't worth it—worth the discord, worth the diminution in popularity and prestige, worth the deepening of the great divide. What has been lost is so vivid, what has been gained so amorphous, blurry and likely illusory. Memo to future presidents: Never stake your entire survival on the painful passing of a bad bill. Never take the country down the road to Demon Pass.

For a better view, one based in reality, read Paul Krugman, as he explained yesterday, using real, actual facts, why we need Healthcare Reform.

And, as per the rapid developments of the day, today, which included the Teabaggers showing their intellect, calling to Congressmen with racial and perjorative insults, the Democrats don't have to go with the "Deem-and-Pass" move, so Little Miss Peggy doesn't have a peg to hang her column on.

You think and old pro like the #1 Ronald Reagan Groupie would know when to pull her punches.

Isn't that what Ronny would have done, there, Little Miss Peggy?

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