Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Retro Garlic: HuffPo Still Impacting Auto Industry

I was a bit surprised by this; reports that Huffington Post has hired Focus Media to go after the rebounding Detroit automakers for potential advertising deals.

In a statement, Huffington Post chief revenue officer Greg Coleman said: "Given the size and importance of the big three domestic carmakers, hiring a designated rep to work with them is a milestone for HuffPost in our continued national sales expansion," according to PaidContent.
Hmmm ....

If we wanted to stay with the universe of The Garlic, we could say, after revolutionizing the Auto Industry, HuffPo now wants to go collect the spoils.

The Retro Part;
Breaking News! GM Cancels UAW In Favor of Adopting Huffington Post Business Model ... Celebrities, Auto Enthusiasts and Bloggers To Build Cars For Free; Huge Spike In Profits Forecast

(Barry Crimmins also riffed on it - "Financial Modeling for Fun and Profiteers")

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