Friday, March 26, 2010

See Spot Run ... See Spot Eat A Police Car

This is, truly, bizzaro world material.

A dog, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, literally, chews the bumper off a police car!

Update: Cop Car Biting Dog Released to Owners

Winston ripped the front bumper of the vehicle loose and destroyed the tires. The officer said he was running radar on Workman Road on March 14th when the canine emerged from behind a chain-linked fence and "locked in" on the car.


Thursday afternoon, Winston was released back to his owners in the lobby of the McKamey Animal Center. Hamilton County Judge Sherry Paty ordered Emerling take several steps to prevent a similar incident from happening again. Emerling must secure his fence and take Winston to obedience classes. The case will be passed for six months and if there are no other incidents, Winston's case will be dismissed. He must also wear a tag labeling him as a 'potentially dangerous dog.' The owners must also pay McKamey for the costs of his care.
(Here's a YouTube report on it)

So much for "That Doggie In The Window", the one with the waggly tail.

We may have to correct ourselves

Previously, on The Garlic, we advocated that bears should be drafted, and sent over to Iraq, and Afghanistan.

We can throw that plan out.

Send this dog!

Bonus Bonus Riffs

Top Ten Cloves: Ways To Tell Your Next Door Neighbor May Be Conducting Illegal Dogfights

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