Monday, April 19, 2010

Top Ten Cloves: Ways To Pick Out Teabaggers Running In Boston Marathon

News Item: Thrilling Finish - Cheruiyot, Erkessa win 114th Boston Marathon

10. When the starting gun goes off, they don't start running, they pull out their guns

9. They have the directions for the course written on the palm of their hands

8. They're the ones, getting pumped up, watching Rush Limbaugh get down, and boogie with Lady Gaga

7. They're the one's with waivers, if injured, not to treat them with government-run healthcare

6. They're the ones boasting they're "locked and loaded" for Hearthbreak Hill

5. Their supporters are the ones with the misspelled signs

4. Instead of wearing their runners' number, they're the one's wearing "Palin-Bachmann 2012" buttons

3. They're the ones complaining that the marathon qualifying standards are "socialism"

2. They're the only ones running in tri-cornered hats

1. Throughout the race, they keep badgering the Kenyan runners, if they know where President Barack Obama was born

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