Friday, April 23, 2010

Retro Garlic: Seriously Guys, Check Out The Jetsons

What are they smoking down there, at the Pentagon?

Are they still celebrating Weed Day?

Less than a week ago, we brought you the head-scratcher of the obscene amount of money being thrown into developing a flying car.

Today, it another WTF;

Air Force Launches Secretive Space Plane; ‘We Don’t Know When It’s Coming Back’

The Air Force launched a secretive space plane into orbit last night from Cape Canaveral, Florida. And they’re not sure when it’s returning to Earth


The Air Force has fended off statements calling the X-37B a space weapon, or a space-based drone to be used for spying or delivering weapons from orbit. In a conference call with reporters, deputy undersecretary for the Air Force for space programs Gary Payton, space programs did acknowledge much of the current mission is classified. But perhaps the most intriguing answer came when he was asked by a reporter wanting to cover the landing as to when the X-37B would be making its way back to the planet.

“In all honesty, we don’t know when it’s coming back for sure,” Payton said.

Payton went on to say that the timing depends on how the experiments and testing progress during the flight. Though he declined to elaborate on the details. The vague answer did little to quell questions about the ultimate purpose of the X-37B test program.

A classified program, and a flying space plane, with the slightly ominous name of X-37B, it's likely a safe bet it's not a benign skywriter.

Hmmm ...

Don't know when the plane will land ...

I guess we'll have to hip the Pentagon again.

The Retro Part

Why Don't They Just Watch The Jetsons?

The Jetsons had flying cars, and, they knew when, and where, they were going to land.

It's back-engineering boys, back-engineering ...

Holy Toledo!

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