Monday, May 17, 2010

Enjoying What Again?!

Like filler articles in newspapers, you gotta love the local television news anchors.

From ABC26 in New Orleans, there was a gem-of-a-gem the other day.

It came in a "Beauty Breakthrough" report, from reporter Catherine Shreves;

G-Shot Puts Sparks Back In Your Sex Life

The G-shot is usually performed by plastic surgeons or gynocologists. It's a quick injection of collagen-or hyalauranic acid (the same stuff used to plump our lips and fill in wrinkles) just at the base of the bladder. because the G-spot is anatomically tucked away, the goal of the G-shot is to make the G-spot more accessible.

G-Shot's official website says that in a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification after receiving the G-Shot.


The G-Shot is a simple, non-surgical, physician-administered procedure that takes about 10 minutes. The doctor starts by numbing the area around the G-Spot, then administers the injection of the collagen or hyaluronic acid (like Juvaderm or Restalayne) filler. Doctors say it is safe, but there can be some side-effects, like bleeding, infections, urinary retention, and even a sensation of always being sexually aroused. They also add that it does not work for everyone. The filler lasts between 4-6 months, and the cost is about $1200. The procedure is usually performed by plastic surgeons or gynecologists.

Okay, even if it wasn't the Sweeps, you can run with this story under the auspices of Health, or Lifestyles.

Well, it seems that Shreves colleague, anchor Michael Hill, asked a follow-up question, that left little, nothing, to the imagination;

News Anchor Talks About Enjoying Penis (G Spot Shot)

Give Michael Hill a case of Brawndo, and book him for a cameo in the sequel, Idiocracy II.

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