Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Like Fish In A Barrel

Why, oh why ...

I mean, this is just like sitting on a fastball, or, an uncontested lay-up.

I mean, why bring the attention on yourself?

He could have just stayed on his side of the street, cater to his own idiocy, jumped behind the Teabaggers and he'd live for, maybe two, or three, of the primary races, since his insolent ego is telling him that he should be the new President in 2012.

Santorum Talks About Longtime Google Problem

Rick Santorum has a Google problem.

The former Pennsylvania Senator might be well-known on Capitol Hill, but his name more regularly produces blank stares in places like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, if recent polling is any guide. The likely Republican presidential candidate knows he needs to expand his name identification.

Santorum can only hope voters don’t turn to Google, the world’s most popular Internet search engine, to learn more about him.

Try it for yourself: Enter “Rick Santorum” into Google. In a fraction of a second you’ll have hundreds of thousands of results. But two of the top four cite a graphic definition for a sexual neologism. In this case, the neologism is a reference to anal sex.

It goes with the territory that Santorum accepts no responsibility to this, despite his homophobic rantings a few years ago, about equating acceptance of the Gay Marriage Act was just opening the door to "man-on-dog" sex.

He even whines in the article that, gosh darn it, people aren't following President Obama's call for more civility in the politic body.

Jack Stuef, over on Wonkette, spanks him on this;

But Rick Santorum also heard President Obama say something about “civility” when that woman who actually has a job in politics got shot, so he thinks President Obama should deliver a speech talking about how he’s not a byproduct of anal sex and sternly tell the Google to stop being so mean to him. This is how things are supposed to go in the age of civility, according to Santorum. Never mind that this happened because he was being uncivil to gays and nobody is standing up for civility for him right now because everyone forgot about him and being mean to him on the Internet years ago.

So, once we move past the ass, both the Google Search results, and the being that Rick Santorum is, TBogg, over on Firedoglake slaps him down (and again, we reference our early opening lines above, he just makes this too easy);

When Rick Santorum lost to Bob Casey in 2006 (by a 59-41 margin), Rick saw it as God closing a door but opening a window for him to run for President. The rest of us saw it as God closing a door, barring the windows and setting the house on fire so he didn’t have to listen to that sanctimonious freak invoking His name all of the time in public.


Seriously. Santorum wasn’t crushed by eighteen points because of Google searches; he lost because he’s a douche. Dan Savage’s Google bomb was just the frothing on the cake.

Sigh ...

Like fish in a barrel ...

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