Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rumsfeld Goes With The Lies He Wish He Had

Who knew!

Lenny Bruce used to do a bit where he offered this advice;
"Whatever happens, deny it. Flat-out deny it! If you really love your wife, deny it. If they walk in on you, deny it. Even if they got pictures, deny it. Even if she catches you with a chicken, deny it."
I just can't picture Old Snowflakes being into Bruce, so he must have just taken his own advice and said "You go to write a book with the lies you have---not the lies you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Yes, yet another of the Bush Grindhouse, one of their most prolific warmongers, has penned a "Not Me, Not My Fault" book, hitting the streets this week.


“Two weeks after the worst terrorist attack in our nation’s history, those of us in the Department of Defense were fully occupied,” Mr. Rumsfeld recalls. But the president insisted on new military plans for Iraq, Mr. Rumsfeld writes. “He wanted the options to be ‘creative.’ ”
His biggest mistake, Mr. Rumsfeld writes, was in not forcing Mr. Bush to accept his offers to resign after the abuse of Iraqi detainees by American military jailers came to light in early 2004. Mr. Rumsfeld insists that the abuses were the actions of rogue soldiers and that they did not reflect any approved policies, but nevertheless he offered to step down.
While generally defending the Bush administration’s counterterrorism legal policies, Mr. Rumsfeld expresses some regrets. He suggests several times that some criticism and setbacks could have been avoided if the administration had gone to Congress for legislation authorizing the policies instead of relying on the president’s war powers.

"Oh, if we only didn't didn't have contempt and scorn for our critics (you know, the "Appeaserrs ... the morally and intellectually confused" ), and only if we didn't piss on the Constitution and make up our own laws, maybe things would have turned out better."

Heh, that's funny. Of course, since there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and in fact there apparentrly had not been any for a number of years, the reason that Rumsfeld would like to take "that one" back is because he was lying. Maybe someday someone will free the Washington Post from the tyranny of the inverted pyramid and they can actually say that.
Donald Rumsfeld lied.

Jack Stuef, over on Wonkette weighed in as well;
America’s Grandpa of Death Donald Rumsfeld is having his memoir published on Tuesday, serving as an addendum to George W. Bush’s book in that it has actual, alleged facts, opinions, and memories in it. So: Abu Ghraib? Not his fault, but he really wanted to resign over it and feels very emo that big meanie Bush wouldn’t let him. Initial troop levels? Not his fault, nobody in the military ever asked him for more troops. Guantanamo? Not his fault the jail existed, and actually he made sure there was less torture and fewer prisoners. Hmm, anything we’re forgetting here? Oh, that one war. What was it called again? Anyway, not his fault, Bush came to him about Iraq before the U.S. even invaded Afghanistan, but at the same meeting, he also talked about Rummy’s son’s drug addiction, so all Rummy could do was cry about that. Whoops!
And this;
Ah, there you have it. Rumsfeld could have said, “What the fuck are you talking about going to war with Iraq for? Our country was just attacked by a foreign terrorist organization we need to go try to destroy. Iraq has nothing to do with this. Aren’t you more concerned with winning this war we haven’t even begun yet?” But instead, his son had done some drugs. Sure thing, Rumsfeld. Perfectly good excuse. You should drop some leaflets on the families of people, American and Iraqi, whose children have died in that war. “Sorry, my son was doing drugs. I was emotional at the time. Not my fault.”

Stuef also had a suggestion for those plans to invade and occupy Iraq to be "creative" that "Rummy says Defense was preparing for offense on Afghanistan at the time, but Bush asked him to be “creative.” Creative! Perhaps the military could stage a production of Grease for the people of Iraq before taking a bow and dropping a bomb on them?

No instead we just got greasy lies, at the time, and more polished greasy lies now, with the book.

I wonder if his Lie Tour will interfere with his, and his former Shadow President's Armageddon weekends?

Like we said above, Ugh!

Bonus Rummy Riffs


Wellstone's Ghost said...

I HAVEN'T read this "not my fault" book of course, but I understand that Rummie shows his tender side by discussing 2 of his 3 children's struggle with drug addiction.

Who does Rummie blame 66.7% of his childrens' drug addiction on...Mommie?

P Smith said...

Rumsfelchbreath is "publishing" this crap more for the money than for a pre-emptive strike against prosecutors. Sad to say, the clowns in the George Bu**sh** misadministration will likely never face war crimes trials for the two illegal wars they started.

The "official" story is that Bu**sh** and his fellow idiots were too incompetent to put together the pieces - the CIA warnings, the FBI data on "pilot training", the muslim extremists' fascination with anniversaries, etc. Supposedly, they figure out that the attacks were coming.

Bu**sh**. It's always been my suspicion that they knew it was coming and chose to let it happen, and there's no evidence to contradict that view.

Many of the ashcrofts in the Bu**sh** misadministration actively tried to get Clinton to start illegal wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, pretending they were "threats". These idiots long wanted to invade these countries to steal oil, and 9/11 simply gave them a pretext for doing it. Given the callousness they displayed towards human lives, over a million civilians killed by their own hands in two wars and the torture porn, it certainly is a realistic possibility.

This is one time it sucks to be an atheist. There's no "hell" for bastards like Rumsfelchbreath to burn in.

P Smith said...

That should have read:

Supposedly, they couldn't figure out that the attacks were coming.

I somehow clipped that word by accident.