Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Come Back, Shane! ... Come Back! - The Sequel

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans;

Thought we'd pop in today to explain our AWOL status the past few weeks, or more.

We've been going through a lot for almost a year, first diagnosed with a Herniated Disc, the failed Injection Program, the drugs that didn't work, and now, being in the hands of a Neurologist, we have embarked on a Steroid Treatment Program. as said Neurologist believing that the re-diagnosed "Bulging Disc" is not the culprit, but rather inflamed nerves, a General Nueropathy, that is in play here.

The last week of February was our first, and that was followed by six-nights of no sleep... Zero sleep .. Zip ... Nada ...

While there were a whole host of side-effects that could have hit, Insomnia rolled out, like a 2x4 over the head (actually, as things played out, a 2x4 over the head would have been welcomed)

It took three days additional, squeezing out a few hours sleep per day, while waiting for the new script of Ativan to kick in, now tipping me in the other direction, of marathon sleeps, minimum of 8-10-hours, and those can easily slide into 12+hours, followed by leaving me with a feeling of tiredness the rest of the time while upright and awake.

We had to postpone the second Steroid Treatment last week, due to the sleep situation, and are slated for it tomorrow, and, will be going with only one-half gram, as opposed to the full gram previously dripped into my vein, so, hopefully, we can get back into the writing groove.

We'll know that soon enough.

So, in the case we stay on the sidelines, there's plenty of Archived Posts to read, or revisit, over along the left sidebar.

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