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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to pass on Best Wishes to one, and all, on this Thanksgiving Day Holiday!

However you celebrate it, whatever is on your menu, may you be pleased with peace and happiness.


And of course, count those calories ...

Ain't that so, Mr. Eddie Harris?

Eddie Harris That's Why You're Overweight.wmv

Bonus Retro Garlic Riffs

Shop Until You Drop ... Dead!

Happy Bird Day!

Well, She Could Have Been Shooting Them From A Helicopter ...

Top Ten Cloves: Uses For The Cancelled O.J. Book On Thanksgiving Day

Top Ten Cloves: Things About Thanksgiving This Year

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Bird Day!

Happy Bird Day, Garlic Fans!

We hope that the day goes well for everyone ...

Good food .. Good company ... Stress-free, congenial family gatherings (or loud, contentious, screaming, object-throwing ones, if that's what works) ...

If, at this late time, you need some cooking tips, check out the post we put up last evening, with this years' "Turkey Sucks" discourse ... It's rather interesting ...

Lastly, among what we can give thanks for, we give a nod to YouTube, allowing us to bring you this Thanksgiving Day classic ...

Happy Bird Day!

WKRP EXTENDED Thanksgiving Turkey Drop Scene from "Turkeys Away" HQ Full Screen With Theme

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Holiday ... However You Celebrate it!

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Well, we wrote a post early this morning and, in looking at again this evening, it wasn't up to snuff.

Too much rant, not enough satire, so I shelved it and will see if it can be salvaged for a Friday, or weekend post.

So, rather than leave a day barren, allow me to wish all our readers and visitors a very happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

Whether you eat turkey, or tofu, get up early for a high school football, or nod off in front of the tube during the 1st Quarter of the traditional Dallas game ... If you're serving needy people in a shelter, or being served by kind, generous, unselfish folk ... If you're out protesting the innumerable things that need protesting, or having to deal with a 3-year-old boycotting your famous green bean dish, take a moment and be thankful you can be where you are, and do what you do ...

Be it loving friends and family, a simplicity of a hot meal, or just the blessing of good health, everyone has something to be thankful for ...

Have a great day!