Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 21 January 2006

The return of former GM Theo Epstein will likely clear the way for the Boston Red Sox to sign intergalactic, 7'5", left-handed fireballer, Chewbacca for the upcoming 2006 season

eBay CEO Meg Whitman, reportedly, has joined Google in rebuffing the U.S. Justice Department's search subpoena, telling the Government that they will have to "open up an account and bid for the records, just like all our other clients"

To revive interest in his promotions and fighters, chief executive of Top Rank Boxing, Bob Arum announced he will star in a new movie, "Brokeback Boxing Ring". along with WBC heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman

As reported earlier by The Garlic, the International Cricket Association, plagued by performance steroids, is combating the problem, and this past week, passed measures to allow the torture of players caught using the illegal drugs

Speaking at the Manhattan Institute on Friday, Vice President Dick Cheney defended President Bush's NSA Wiretapping program, saying "we got files this high on our enemies".

Asked after the speech to clarify his remark, Cheney refused comment on if he meant terrorists or Liberals and Democrats

The White House is downplaying a rumored rift between the President and First Lady and denies that Laura Bush attempted a "citizen's arrest" of her husband, over the alleged illegal wiretapping

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the visuals work well on bush and chewbakka...