Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: How Bush’s Domestic Wiretapping Will Be Monitored By Senate

10. Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) has a small farmhouse back home he can soundproof and add a little security to

9. If the Enron guys get cleared, they might have an idea or two on how best to handle it

8. Will be backed up by the, now Oscar-winning, Three-6 Mafia

7. Slap some “good party sense” into Senator Arlen Specter and get him to chill out on pushing Atty. General Gonzales

6. President Bush to issue Signing Statement, banning all Democrats from oversight

5. Hiring Katherine Armstrong for PR, so nobody will know what the hell is going on

4. All hands on deck, In shifts of 24-hours, starting with least-seniority first

3. Pretty much, will run with the White House’s Hurricane Katrina plan so they can stay engaged with it

2. Get Vice President Cheney to turn up the volume on Iran so everybody will forget about the illegal wiretapping

1. Easy … Bring in Dubai Ports World to manage the program

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Montag said...

11. Do what now?