Thursday, March 02, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways White House Will Try To Do Damage Control On Hurricane Video

10. Admit nothing but claim experience has made them "hurricane-hardened"

9. Hey, it's taking the port fiasco off the front page

8. Get Senator Bill Frist to do one of his famous video diagnosis

7. Karl Rove is already cracking on a new smear campaign (Did you hear, that Max Mayfield might be gay?)

6. Have Joint Chiefs of Staff write another stern letter of protest

5. Since Osama bin Laden helped re-elect the President, make another pit stop in Afghanistan and see what he says about it

4. Keep Brownie in the hot seat; "He's still our scapegoat"

3. Get Fox News to claim the media made up Hurricane Katrina, or that an all-out hurricane is a good thing

2. Call on Pat Robertson to threaten media that God will punish them for running video

1. Be defiant - Send out President Bush to claim Americans are "emergency-relief-addicted" and that we need to find alternatives

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