Thursday, September 07, 2006

Breaking News! President Speech “Absolutely un-American” Says Chicago

Chicago Council Stirs New Controversy, Passes Ban On Bush Speeches

President Joins Patriot Act, Foie Gras As “Verboten” In Windy City; Alderman Don’t Want “Hate Spin Shoved Down Our Throats”

In what is sure to kick-off an untold storm of controversy, the Chicago City Council voted this afternoon to ban Chicago-based media from broadcasting or printing all speeches by President Bush within the city limits of Chicago

Citing the President’s, and other Cabinet and administration officials, invoking Nazi Germany in their recent speeches, and mindful of the significant population of Eastern Europeans in Chicago, the council said it was acting “in the best interest of the city,” in banning the White House’s new campaign to shape public opinion on the administration Iraq policies.

“We don’t want hate spin shoved down Chicagoans throats,” read a portion of the ordinance passed by a unanimous vote.

Using that phrase - “shoved down Chicagoans throats” - in the ordinance raised irony, as, earlier this year, the Chicago City Council voted to ban foie gras from the city’s restaurants, raising a firestorm of outrage from owners and gourmet diners

The council also passed this year a bill, requiring Chicago's big-box retailers to pay employees a "living wage" of at least $10 an hour and $3 in benefits by 2010.

Back in 2003, the Chicago City Council voted to condemn the Patriot Act, one of only a handful of major cities, along with Minneapolis, Detroit, Baltimore,Philadelphia and San Francisco, to do so.

Recent speeches by Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and President Bush, all painted the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the global war against terrorism as akin to the rise of Adolph Hitler, and label critics of the President and his policies as “appeasers”, similar to those who backed down from Hitler.

Almost immediately, the two major newspapers - The Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune - announced they would violate the ban, and they were quickly followed by television superstation WGN, as well as a bevy of local network affiliate stations.

‘The words, and venom, coming from our highest, elected officials,” continued the ordinance, “has no place in this democracy. It is absolutely un-American.”

When reached for comment, The White House, through Press Secretary Tony Snow said, that unless the Chicago ordinance specifically mentioned Iran, or a combination of Al Qaeda and Iran working together, they would have no comment on it.

Speeches by any one of the "Three Terrors", as well as other Cabinet and White House officials have been banned in the City of Chicago

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