Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 22 October 2006

During the recent terror threat against the NFL, which turned out to be a hoax, league officials said today that they were "fully engaged" and had "all their employees involved in the hunt for the terrorists", as seen here, with brothers and quarterbacks Eli and Payton Manning patrolling the streets of New York, and ready to strike down any threat

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stunned party officials when he intimated that he may step down after the Midterm elections, and go into Real Estate.

After his shaky land deal, Reid said he was "amazed" at the amount of money he could make

"Almost ten times what I get mucking around in this place"

"That's right ... You say things are going remarkably well in Iraq and I'll say I never said 'Stay The Course'... Karl says they'll be falling all over themselves and that it will really screw them up ..."

There's been confusion in the White House this week, with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld after it was said that he is "inspired by God" in his work

The Pentagon hasn't confirmed yet if the God Rumsfeld is inspired by is the same God that told President Bush to invade Iraq, or if it is the Higher Father that the President gets advise from frequently

After reportedly saying he was "sorry" for testing a nuclear device, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il now is saying that what is being reported as a nuclear explosion was nothing more that "some special effects"

With his love for movies well-known, Jong Il indicated that he has been shooting a movie about a small Asian country leader, who leads his people in fighting off a much larger, imperialist devil force that attempts to sanction his country.

Jong Il says he sees Dolph Lundgren in the lead role and hasn’t decided whether to offer him the role, or just kidnap the actor and force him to do the film

With Google now making donations to the Republican Party, there are reports that the verdict in Saddam Hussein’s trial, schedule for the day before the Midterm elections, won't be read in the courtroom, but released in video format, on YouTube

Google credits its' new lobbyist in Washington as working out the details with the Bush Administration, so that they could "make a big bang" with their newly-acquired acquisition

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