Sunday, November 26, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 26 November 2006

In attempting to spin the horrible news coming out of Iraq, the White House today downplayed the escalating violence and announced a spike in the Iraq economy, with Used Car sales fueling the growth

At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference in Vietnam last week, President Bush suffered another setback, as Mr. Bush only placed as 5th Runner-up in the fashion show component of the event

While in Vietnam, the President quietly approved arms and cocaine sales, to a still-to-be-determined country, with the profits held in escrow until Nicaraguan President-elect Daniel Ortega officially takes office, and an opposition group can be launched to overthrow the new President, using the funds from the arms sales to aid in their efforts

Black Friday shoppers got a special surprise if they were in the hunt to buy new tires. Firestone, and soon followed by all major tire makers, offered a new baby, on a First-Come, First-Served-basis (as long as the supply lasted), with the purchase of every pair sold

In yet another program to quell the rising level of violence in Iraq, U.S. and Coalition forces began installing “Kryptonite” fences in key areas. The green-glowing barriers will be accompanied by a major media campaign, warning insurgents that they may be “vulnerable”, with the fences zapping away their strength.

The Pentagon would neither confirm nor deny that the new Kryptonite fences were part of the deal with Disney and will be part of the DisneyBaghdad program currently being built

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