Sunday, August 26, 2007

More Sad News ... The Passing of Lloyd The Dog

Just two weeks ago, The Garlic asked its' reader to put out some good vibes and give a Shoutout For Lloyd!, the sick, beloved pet dog of our friend, Barry Crimmins, and his girlfriend Karen.

Barry had given over his website for much of this time to write about Lloyd, his recollections, his pride, and most of all, his hope, that Lloyd would beat the odds to recover fully.

Instead of having, possibly, months, it came down to only weeks.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, Lloyd the Dog passed away.

Visit and read Lloyd the Dog 8/23/98 - 8/25/07, and while your there, peruse through some of Barry's other posts on Lloyd.

With the past few weeks' news being saturated by a certain, now former, NFL player, documenting his abuse of dogs, Barry's posts are the opposite, the antithesis, of this person, and it should be refreshing for you to bask along with Barry and Karen, in the great love and joy they showered Lloyd the Dog with on a daily basis.

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