Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shoutout For Lloyd!

As our regular readers know, since we first launched, The Garlic has often pointed out the great writing, humor and satire of our friend, Barry Crimmins. He's traveled the world, won accolades and awards, tirelessly fighting the good fight.

However, today, and for the past week, or so, he, along with his girlfriend and partner, Karen, have a very personal battle they are waging.

Their beloved pet dog Lloyd is gravely ill, a tumor on his heart, and a prognosis that, sadly, only reaches forward weeks-to-a-few-months.

Over the thousands-of-hours of conversation with Barry, I don't think Lloyd was never not mentioned. His smile ... His antics ... Barry, at times, would describe, in Chandleresque detail, Lloyd's scoping out or hunting down another critter on their property ... The joy, the smile that Lloyd would show, and the pride that Barry couldn't hide, of having "the world's smartest dog".

So, Barry has taken a break from fighting the evil of the world and has given over his website to writing about Lloyd.

For anyone that has, or has had, a loved dog or pet, you will know the heartache and hope which comes through in Barry's posts.

Take a spin over to his website and scroll through (or use the links below) ... And, whether you click over or not, toss a good vibe out there for Lloyd ...

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