Sunday, August 12, 2007

Shoutout for Truthout!

Something Cool for a hot, summer's day ...

Hopefully, many of our readers are aware of the great resource site, Truthout.

If you click through any of the link-loaded Garlic posts, you'll find a good measure of those pointing back to a Truthout post.

Truthout, for those not in-the-know, is "a full-service news agency dedicated to establishing a powerful, stable voice for independent journalism, whose mission is one of education aimed at perpetuating and strengthening our American democracy. We are committed to making available a broad range of political news and editorial analysis."

It would be quite the gray day if they were not out there on the big, ole World Wide Web

And in case you missed it, with the Bush Grindhouse amping up the war rhetoric, take a look at a few of the folks battling the against that - The Truthout 2007 Freedom and Democracy Awards (And, no, I'm not going to spoil it for you, or make it easy ... You're going to have to click through to see who has been anointed in Truthout's inaugural awards).

So, get on over there, check'em out and give'em your support.

Visit and Bookmark Truthout

Truthout 2007: Freedom and Democracy Awards

And Speaking of Something Cool

Listen to a clip of the sultry-voiced June Christy singing 'Something Cool'

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