Monday, August 13, 2007

Karl Rove ... How Do I Push Thee? ... Let Me Count The Ways

Rumors, theories, speculation
and just plain, juicy dirt abound across the regions of the World Wide Web ...

Of the many, many heads popping up to weigh in on Rove, one of them that stuck out above others was Joe Wilson, checking in to remind the MSM on Rove's involvement in the outing of a covert CIA agent ...

Rove resigns ... Explosion of news coverage, from cable-to-print-to-the-blogs ...

Hmmm ... What is that the Bush Grindhouse wants to get off the front pages?

Now, haven't we seen this movie before?

Doesn't this Bush Grindhouse have an unyielding tenacity to cover bad news attached to the Grindhouse with a "new" and "urgent" terror threat?

We can argue the terror value of Karl Rove, but it hasn't been that often that they've thrown a real human being, a staffer, under the al Qaeda-filled-Dirty Bomb-laden bus ... Former Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld got the boot a few days after the 2006 Mid-Term elections, to change the conversation away from the miserable thumping the GOP received - courtesy of the new, Rovian 'The Math".

And what followed Rumsfeld's melted snowflakes, just a handful of weeks after his carcass was left on the doorstep?

The Surge!

Rove walks away the second week of August, and what's coming down the pipeline in September?

The Golden Boy, the man with the plan - General David Petraeus and his tablets from the mountain, the much-heralded status report on ...

The Surge!

How Do I Push Thee ... Let Me Count The Ways

Now, in the parlance of the Grindhouse, these "dead enders" who just want to throw mud on Rove, and build up the stature of the White House Chief of Staff ... Give him a big (and in Rove's case, that's literal, not figurative) scalp to hang on his wall.

After all, it was widely reported how Bo Boy bellowed out his Labor Day edict of you're either with us or against us, and Rove cowered, choosing to slink out the door.

Can't really buy into that one ... For however proficient Bo Boy is, he definitely doesn't have the balls, let alone the power, to push Rove out the door.

If there was a hint out there today, it may have come from The New York Times, ever so the cheerleader of the Bush Grindhouse and its' Rovian spin, whether it was Judy Miller in the past, or Michael Gordon in the present, today, blaming the Turd Blossom for the weak display in the Iowa Straw Poll, and spelling out doom for the GOP ...

Now where would that line of thought come from?

Perhaps from a former RNC Chairman ... Someone who was very much at the crime scene during the theft of the 2000 election ... Someone who just came aboard, to replace another person who was leaving to spend more time with his family ...

Ed Gillespie.
"As structured under Bush and Bartlett, the position of White House counselor has been a free-ranging adviser with broad authority over communications, as well as a hand in policy and almost everything else that comes across the president's desk. Both Bolten and Gillespie suggested that model will continue, though officials said it is unlikely that Gillespie will be able to fully replace Bartlett, who worked with Bush for almost 14 years and enjoyed an unusual rapport with him."
The GOP has to know the retaining the Oval Office is a pipe dream.

Thanks to the dead weight of Bush, and his insistence on staying in Iraq, the Dems could trot out the cadaver from "Weekend at Bernie's" and walk away with the 2008 election.

It's downstream that they have there eyes on ... Go for retaking the Congress, or, at minimum, cut the majority down to tie-up efforts of the incoming Dem Pres.

And after the drubbing they took in November 2006, me thinks the RNC had to be squawking - loudly - that they were going back to their old multiplication tables, having no stomach for more of that Rovian 'The Math".

In sum, the base, the rank-and-file, don't think of endearing images when they hear the words "Turd Blossom".

"Always the dollars. Always the fucking dollars."

With the Bush Brain Boy staring at multiple investigations, and his lantern empty of any new Genies, there's going to be a run on Geiger Counters in those flaming Red States.

It will come in whispers, blind items, "a former staffer on the Hill" ... Rove did this ... Rove did that ... That was Rove's fault ... Nothing will come out of the Grindhouse, at least not attributable, but it will come ...

Rove blew the 2006 election ... The Bush Policy Legacy?... And that big, dominating, GOP dynasty? ... Karl Rove failed and the crowd he runs with can, and will be, very unforgiving.

It's like in Casino, with Joe Pesci lamenting about the bosses, that it's "Always the dollars. Always the fucking dollars."

Karl Rove has been cashed out.

He's not an earner any longer.

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