Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rudy ... You Like Jumpin' Those Sharks, Don't You!

Boy, oh boy ...

Less than a week after jumping over his first shark, Hizzonor, Mr. 9-11, is at it again ... This time, doing twirls, back flips, behind-the-backs, and one-handers, over a whole school of sharks ...

A whole neocon-drenched school of sharks ... Blood-thirsty, war-mongering, diplomacy-is-for-sissies school of sharks

He must be panging, for Stu Bykofsky's vision, of hoping for another Sept. 11th ...

To give you a glimpse of how bad it is, here's a snip of Josh Marshall over at TPM;

"...That a Giuliani foreign policy would best be described as Bush-plus and premised on the idea that President Bush has not pursued his terrible ideas aggressively enough."
In his essay, over at Foreign Policy, titled "Toward a Realistic Peace", Mr. I'm-One-Of-Them" sprinkling, liberally, his Nancy Reaganesque slogan of the "Terrorists' War on Us", puts the "You either with us or against us" on steroids, including dredging up "lessons from Vietnam" and waving the Bush Grindhouse's Fear Flag of "The consequences of abandoning Iraq would be worse."

It's a long, rambling, jingoistic, John Wayne jism of what will be his Foreign Policy, should the Red State voters not see through this one-trick-thrice-married pony and actually nominate him for President.

If you have the stomach, go read it ...

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Hmmm ... Diamonds or pearls for a preemptive strike? ... Whatdaya say there, Ms. Rudy?

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