Monday, August 13, 2007

Perp Walk Delayed ... Rove Deep-Sixes Himself!

No Friday night dump for this felon ... Er, fellow ...

No siree-bob, the Blossom Turd gets, not just one, but two banner blow jobs from the Wall Street Journal.

The well-worn "time with my family" mantra is the overriding reason Rove is taking it on the arches at the end of the month. Bo Boy, Chief of Staff Josh Bolten also threw a snit, barking at the Grindhouse staff that you can take the life raft now, but if you stay past Labor Day, you're going down with the ship.

Quite the Office Pool dilemma today ...

Does The Decider guy get all choked up and misty in today's scheduled announcement on the South Lawn, before The Vacation Guy heads down to Crawford?

Or, how many times does The Commander Guy reference, and/or tie-in, al Qaeda in Iraq to Rove's resignation?

Wonder if Nancy Pelosi will pass up her tanning day on Stinson Beach to check on where the investigations are at, and what this announcement does to them.

Maybe Rove "did The Math", and sees that there's an even a bigger shit train coming in these last 17-months, one that may, doubtful, but possibly, get Rove out of the history books as being the "Architect" of the worst U.S. Presidency of all-time.

Maybe it was just "Bush Fatigue".

They don't call'em the "Dog Days of August" for nothing.

There'll be more on this ... Oh yeah, much more ...

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