Thursday, December 06, 2007

Editor's Note: There's Light At The End of The Tunnel

Good Morning Garlic Fans!

Coming up for air today, as the news is good on the homefront.

As related in our Editor's Note of Monday, we had a family crises with my 94-year-old Aunt, having to get her to the hospital Sunday evening.

Turns out, she passed a gall stone, however, it either backed up into, or banged around her pancreas, hence, the resulting pain and discomfort.

Flooding her with fluids (to "cool down" the pancreas), and her own strong will, had her feeling better by Tuesday, and virtually fully recovered yesterday.

Kudo's to the nurses and docs at Mt. Auburn Hospital, here in Cambridge, MA.

She's due to come home today, and we will engage in a follow-up, non-evasive procedure, that will mitigate this type of situation occurring again.

Many thanks to those that called and emailed, and to all who visited, and read, The Garlic this week.


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