Monday, December 03, 2007

Editor's Note - Posting Delayed

Good Morning Garlic Fans

We trust that you're doing well ... Especially the folks up here in the Northeast, as we got our first snow of the season (here in Boston, not much, a few inches before it turned to freezing rain).

Following up on my post of Saturday, as well as previous notes of this matter, we had another family crises late yesterday/early evening and had to get my Lawrence Welk-loving Aunt to the hospital again. Prognosis is good, as it, surprisingly, is something rather ordinary and not related to her most recent issues (but then again, at the age of 94, that's all relative).

So, likely it will be a day, or two, where I am of time (and clear mind) to get back in the grind with new posts.

In the meantime, there's much to do during your visit to The Garlic ... Catch up on the daily offerings, or scroll down the right sidebar to indulge in some Garlic Classics, or check out some of the other great sites via the bevy of links available to you (and those folks would, very much, appreciate a visit, I'm sure).

Thank You again, for visiting and supporting The Garlic


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So qrazy..