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Well I'll Be Darned ... The Etch-A-Sketch Shaking Has Begun (Sort Of)

Well, Well, Well ... Who would have thunk it ...

First off, I am completely bowled over that someone took The Garlic's call-of-action to stand-up and shake, shake, shake Karl Rove's Etch-A-Sketch so quickly.

And who did it , is another head-turner.

It was none other than Rove's former comrade, co-principle architect of the Iraq Study Group("We don't make the war, we make the war more gory"), the in-grindhouse marketing agency whose mission was to sell the legend of WMD's and Mushroom Clouds, to put the evil Saddam Hussein in all our closets, to label critics as appeasers and terrorist-huggers, Mr., Andrew Card.

Appearing on Scarborough To Ruin Your Morning, or whatever they call it, Card was asked about Rove's recent revisionism of blaming Congress for getting us mired in Iraq;

From Think Progress:

SCARBOROUGH: We have to start with something that we all are talking about a couple of days ago where Karl Rove went on Charlie Rose and he blamed the Democrats for pushing him and the president into war. Is that how it worked?

CARD: No, that’s not the way it worked.

SCARBOROUGH: What the heck? Seriously, what the hell was that about?

CARD: Democrats pushed us a lot of stupid things, but they didn’t push us into war.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, yeah. You worked with Karl. Is that just Karl spinning beyond the White House?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Spinning out of control?

CARD: Well, Karl is very smart. He’s — sometimes his brain gets ahead of his mouth. And sometimes his mouth gets ahead of his brain.

Too bad Scarborough and Brzezinski couldn't stop laughing, for a good follow-up to that would have been to ask Card, who was in the thick of it as Chief-of-Staff, what, exactly, over the past seven-years, the Democrats "pushed us into" that was stupid?

With the Bush Grindhouse, and rubber-stamp Republican Congress in place, nothing jumps to mind.

And even now, that they hold the majority, the Democrats (led by NancyOffTheTable and Harry "Give'em What They Want" Reid) haven't exactly been doing a lot of pushing (though we can't vouch on the "stupid" thing).

Are the Bush Regime Talking Points about how we got railroaded into Iraq simply to become fodder for making jokes?

And it's not exactly clear, from Card's response, that he was dissing and putting down the Turd Blossom, or rather, scolding him for talking off-point ... For letting this new spin out too early.

Hmmm... Perhaps Card has his own Etch-A-Sketch that he wants out there.

After all, it was Card, along with Rove, that set forth the "marketing" of going off into Iraq

From NPR:
What else should reasonable people make of these facts? In June, a floppy disk found near the White House turned out to contain a presentation used by Karl Rove on White House strategy for the midterm elections. Focus on war was a key point in a talk that centered on the White House's desire to, quote, "maintain a positive issue environment." Around this time, Rove was criticized for telling a Republican group that the war and terror themes could play to the GOP's advantage in the November elections. Not long after, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card was asked why the administration waited until after Labor Day to try to sell the American people on military action against Iraq. Card replied, `From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August.'

Perhaps Rove was, merely, introducing this new revisionist spin just in time for the holiday shopping.

Better yet, why didn't Scarborough and Brzezinski throw a hardball, or two, at Card on the entire "marketing" business? Why was he let off-the-hook? No, what am I saying, that would be real, responsible journalism. That wouldn't give a lot to laugh about.

Note to Santa: Coal in those three stockings

By late in the day, yet another comrade of the Turd Blossom's came storming in to shake his Etch-A-Sketch.

Ari Fleischer, the former Grindhouse Press Secretary - the guy that was out front, retelling all the lies Rove and Card came up with to the adoring MSM stenographers (Note: Check to see if the Ari-Man got immunity to come out and speak against Rove).

This was promulgated in a Joe Klein-type article today, by Peter Baker in The Washington Post.

Just the title - "Rove's Version of 2002 War Vote Is Disputed" - is giving credence to Rove's dillusion and Baker runs down the this-side-this-and-that-side-says that, as if "The Google", Lexus-Nexus, and even the Bush Grindhouse's own website doesn't exist and he couldn't come out and say, flat out, Rove is lying.

Note To Baker: Check out the competition - "The NYT's Michael Cooper demonstrates what real reporting is".

God helps us if this is how the MSM is going to treat the wagon train of former Administration people come out and start spinning their stories, ostensibly, in an attempt to get the stench off themselves.

Addendum to Santa: Coal for Fleischer and Baker as well.

Bonus Etch-A-Sketch Doodlings

Nov. 30: War blame-shifting fall out - If the White House knew that Karl Rove had lied on Charlie Rose, on national TV, about the war, why wouldn't they correct the record the very next day? MSNBC Political Analyst Lawrence O'Donnell talks to Keith Olbermann.

Steve Benen: Rove against the world

T-REX: The Love That Won't Shut Up

Greg Sargent: Washington Post Editors Again Refuse To Label GOP Falsehoods What They Are: False

Rare photograph, capturing Karl Rove looking, longingly, into the horizon, for the lost truth, part of the price he paid for selling his soul for the purpose of evil

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