Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rudy, We Know Ye Way Too Much ...

Or, It's Time To Start Shoveling Dirt On The Body

I can't say I've come to bury America's 911 Mayor today ...

We already did that, last week, with our "Black Bunting and Chalk Outlines ... It's Weekend at Rudy's".

The corpse of his campaign, brought about by the dual, one-two legal exercises of A) the indictment of his former colleague, the once-upon-a-time Homeland Security Chief wannabe, Bernard Kerick, and, B) the lawsuit against Fox News by Kerick's former lover, Judith Regan.

What Kerick's trial doesn leak out all over Rudy, Regan's lawsuit will likely provide a strong following stream, being that her tryst with the Bernie Man, while he was tied-at-the-hip with Mr. 911, leaves a long, messy trails of condoms at Hizz Honor's doorstep.

So, the two latest bombshells, from yesterday and today, may merely end up as little more than shoveling dirt on the body.

Shovel-Full-of-Dirt #1: Giuliani billed city agencies for personal trips

It appears that Mr. 911 #1 Yankee Fan was billing the NYC for his tryist with his then girlfriend, now wife, Judith Nathan.

As Attyood noted, "At the time, the mayor’s office refused to explain the accounting to city auditors, citing “security ... The Hamptons visits resulted in hotel, gas and other costs for Giuliani’s New York Police Department security detail."

Or, put another way, Paul Kiel of TPMmuckraker offers "It's not much of a mystery why Bernie Kerik and Rudy Giuliani got along so well. They both showed a certain ingenuity when it came to leveraging New York City resources for trysts."

Rudy must be drooling at the thought of the carnal delights he could achieve if he were to reach the highest office in the land (We'll leave all the Washington Monument, Air Force One jokes to your imagination).

Shovel-Full-of-Dirt #2: Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh; Giuliani's business contracts tie him to the man who let 9/11's mastermind escape the FBI

Wayne Barrett, of the Village Voice (who already gave us "Rudy Giuliani's Five Big Lies About 9/11") drops a ton of dirt on Rudy, detailing (really detailing) the self-professed counterterrorism savior's longstanding business relationship with the nation of Qatar, specifically, the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani, and Abdallah bin Khalid al-Thani

From Barrett's "Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh; Giuliani's business contracts tie him to the man who let 9/11's mastermind escape the FBI";

"The contradictory and stunning reality is that Giuliani Partners, the consulting company that has made Giuliani rich, feasts at the Qatar trough, doing business with the ministry run by the very member of the royal family identified in news and government reports as having concealed KSM—the terrorist mastermind who wired funds from Qatar to his nephew Ramzi Yousef prior to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and who also sold the idea of a plane attack on the towers to Osama bin Laden—on his Qatar farm in the mid-1990s."

So, America's 911 Mayor's company is in bed with the people who aided Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, and who also are said to have hosted - in Qatar - Osama bin Laden.

Barrett notes how this isn't, exactly, breaking news, citing the Wall Street Journal report of November 7th ("Qatar Contract Offers Glimpse Into Giuliani Firm"), in which Ruppert's paper, almost euphemistically, notes "Qatar is a strategic U.S. military ally and energy supplier, yet also a country that has been criticized for its conduct toward al Qaeda -- a potential political pitfall for a candidate pitching himself as an uncompromising foe of Islamic terrorism."

a potential political pitfall?

Could America's Mayor, so burdened, either from his tireless efforts to keep NYC safe, or his city-financed tryists, didn't know about Qatar's reputation? Was the blinding light of the burning bush telling him to run for President keeping him from seeing the news and documents?
"All of this evidence of Qatar's role as a facilitator of terrorism—reaching even to the emir himself—was reported well before Giuliani Partners began its business there "around 2005." Yet even the New York Times story, filled with quotes from Giuliani's friend Freeh, didn't deter him. Nor did the firm's retention of D'Amuro and Soufan, two ex-FBI counterterrorism experts who certainly knew the terror landscape of Qatar."

Perhaps, we will come to find out, this is the reason he pushed Bernie Kerick to be head of Homeland Security - he wanted someone in the inside he could give him fresh sales leads.

If the GOP/RNC doesn't join the crew in burying Rudy's campaign, it sure is going to be fun listening to how, in their blind rage to "beat Hillary", or their foam-mouthing, clawing, ends-justify-the-means, hypocritical ways, the Republicans embrace a nominee, especially a hawkish one boasting he's the chosen one to protect us from terrorists, that is lying, spread-eagle, in bed with terrorists and terrorist enablers and terrorist supporters.

Note: In a story from ABC that broke today - Giuliani's Mistress Used N.Y. Police as Taxi Service - Cable News, and print, have virtually ignored the storyline of Rudy's Terror Ties, focusing on the "sex" of his city-financed trysts, and, of course, the extended photo-op/sound bite production last night that was passed off as a "debate".

Watch Keith Olbermann's interview with Wayne Barrett

Giuliani’s ties to terrorism?
Giuliani’s ties to terrorism?

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