Thursday, November 29, 2007

Drum Roll Please ... For Tucker Carlson - He's Jumping The Shark!

Maybe it was just his He-Man gayness showing.

Or, perhaps, nervous, hearing the footsteps of the canceling-your-show-memo-carrying producer coming down the hall.

In any event, MSNBC's Tucker Carlson joins some heady company (John McCain, Rudy Guiliani) in the Class of 2007 Shark Jumping department.

Brent Budowsky, of The Hill, noted it the other day in "Tucker Carlson Says Al Gore Is Like George Bush.."


Surely this couldn't be accurate, that Budowsky was going off on some tangent, or the Carlson was engaging in some November Sweeps attempt at humor.

Gore the same as The Commander Guy?

Did I miss something?

It wasn't, best I recollect, Al Gore that took our Army marching into the Middle East to invade and occupy Iraq, was it?

Was Gore running around the deck of an aircraft carrier in a flightsuit? Is that on YouTube somewhere?

Did the former Vice President promise to fire whoever in his staff that leaked the name of Valerie Plame, but then do nothing (well, not exactly nothing - I don't believe it was Gore who commuted the sentence of convicted felon I.Lewis "Scooter" Libby, but that may have slipped by me)?

Did The Decider Guy win a Nobel Peace Prize? I rechecked the list of winners and didn't see his name on it - did they awarded him a special one, or something?

I have to roll with Budowsky, when he says "On what matters, Al Gore and George Bush have zero in common, and in fact, Gore is the exact antithesis of everything Bush stands for and does."

But, in looking at the transcript, there it was, Tucker Carlson claiming the Gore and The Shakespeare Guy were the same;

"Back with us, The Politico‘s Roger Simon and online columnist Bob Franken.

Roger, I am just struck by the similarities between these two. Both have powerful fathers who served in the Congress and whose ambitions were passed on to their sons. Both basically adopted new home states and kind of put on the dog pretending to be from that place.


CARLSON: Both kind of had less than distinguished younger lives, then sort of burst out in to this—into the national eye. And both have kind of insecurity, I think, when you deal with them. Gore and Bush are basically the same person.
The former bow-tie-wearing television host didn't stop there. Tucker kept it going, adding more-and-more ridiculousness to the comparisons, with neither guest, Roger Simon, from The Politico and online columnist Bob Franken, slapping down Tucker, but rather playing along, in effect, helping Tucker get fitted into those water skis.

I was, Tucker, going to say, slap on the bow tie again and just let it all hang out ... In fact, make this a daily segment theme of your program, for as many days as it lasts (a going down-with-the-ship-kind-of-thing), of comparing our first Court-Appointed President (h/t Barry Crimmins) to good, honest people, who are truly making sacrifices, and who are working selflessly for the common good.

We encourage our visitors to read the transcript, for it appears Tucker either already has, or is lining up his next gig, of either curator of The Compassionate Conservative's Presidential Library, or, perhaps, just doing the grunt work of burnishing the legacy.

Whatever he does, he can proudly place on his resume, "Tucker Carlson, Shark Jumper"

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