Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons Time Magazine Hasn't Corrected Joe Klein's Egregiously Error-Filled FISA Articles

News Item: Joe Klein digs Time's hole deeper still

10. Waiting to hear back from the NSA, on listening to wiretaps of critics before responding

9. Being that Klein, and Time, tilts Rightwing, nobody has a blue pencil

8. Worried, if they take action, could cause more heart trouble for Vice President Dick Cheney

7. Hoping that Klein gets subpoenaed and thrown in jail like Judy Miller, so they can really play it up

6. Editors Priscilla Painton, Josh Tyrangiel and Rick Stengel don't ever read Klein's columns

5. Sought opinion from new Attorney General Mukasey, who indicated he wasn't prepared to say if it was an error or not

4. Sticking with and standing by Priscilla Painton's “That assumes that there are errors,”

3. Afraid if they discipline or suspend Klein, he'll bolt right over to Fox News

2. White House hasn't given them the O-K yet

1. Can't do anything; Clause in Klein's contract allows him to write like a buffoon and make up whatever he wants

Buckle Your Seatbelts, It's a Joe Kleinpalooza!

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