Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh, Please, Please, Please! ... Make The Citizen's Arrest, Al ... Make The Citizen's Arrest!

This could be a watershed, primo, apex of history, moment today.

This won't be one-for-the-record-books, it will shatter them.

The air of anticipation is so thick, it's like 200 Christmas Eves packed into one, raising the pulse, almost taking your breath away.

We speak of later today, when the Oscar-winning, Nobel Prize-gathering former Vice President Al Gore pays a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where our Court-Appointed President (h/t Barry Crimmins) will greet the American winners of Nobel Prizes in the customary and perfunctory photo-op session (hmmm, I wonder if Rush Limbaugh will attempt to crash it?)

And wouldn't it be so wonderful, so incredible, for Gore, recognizing the moment, understanding the magnitude of the crises we are in, picks up The Garlic's call from earlier this summer, and makes a Citizen's Arrest of The Greeter Guy.

We laid out all the benefits that can come of this, most of all, restoring the integrity and creditability to the White House.

Gore has the time, the connections and, likely, the cred, that will have others in the room - Secret Service, Capital Police, et all supporting him.

Just recently, a poll offered that 55% of voters believe Commander Codpiece has committed crimes and abuses worthy of Impeachment.

So the country is behind you, Mr. Gore.

And since NancyOffTheTable (along with Stagnant Hoyer) and Harry "Give'em What They Want" Reid won't move forward on this, won't undertake their constitutional responsibilities, we have to do it for them

They, along with every other Congressmen and Senator, go to work every day, as unprotected as the citizenship, due to their voting to suspend Habeas Corpus, at the behest of the Bush Grindhouse.

That, alone, setting aside the mountain of other high crimes and misdemeanors, should have them, along with the country, absolutely outraged.

The Garlic, as we wrote, fears a Citizen's Arrest is the only option left.

And Big Al has the incredible opportunity today to make things right.

Seven-years ago, Gore walked away from the fight, leaving us with Bushville.

He may have lost the fight, but with undertaking the Citizen's Arrest, he can win the war.

So, put some good vibes out there for Al Gore today. He has a big task on his plate, the hopes of a nation rest of his broad shoulders.

Let's change what today is, instead of Cyber Monday (more of that media-led phony cheerleading to go shopping), and let it become, for future generations, V-B Day!

I'll be dealing with the anticipation and anxiety by cutting up the forest of advertising flyers that came with the Sunday paper, waiting to throw out the window, the multi-colored confetti, as soon as the news crosses the wire, and the Breaking News bulletins begin bursting out of the television.

That today, Al Gore made a Citizen's Arrest that saved a country.

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