Sunday, May 18, 2008

Al Giordano Handing Out Campaign Sheepskins ... To Hillary Supporters

This may come to be viewed as a valuable, unselfish, public service.

Al Giordano, of his ON-THE-MONEY, TAKE-IT-TO-THE-BANK campaign blog, The Field, is announcing his "tough love" program, euphemistically titled "No Chicken Little Left Behind";

The Field is pleased to announce that our “tough love” program for the Chicken Littles among Obama supporters can now hand out virtual diplomas to so many graduates. Some may still have to enroll in our summer school program as the general election campaign - and a new set of challenges - gears up, and they’ll have some new classmates from the ranks of Clinton supporters, for whom the challenges are steeper because, well, that sky has fallen.

It is therefore my great honor to introduce The Field’s No Chicken Little Left Behind program, employing the same “tough love” techniques that turned so many worrywart Obama supporters into confident warriors, workers, commentators and Field Hands for their cause.
And, later in the post;
Look around you, evolving Clinton supporters. The sky did not fall. Rather, sometimes heaven comes down to earth and we find ourselves in it… even if by accident.
It's a good read ... In-between laying out his program, Al gives a good come-uppance to Taylor "All Hillary-All-The-Time" Marsh, who, come November, may be in need of some carpal tunnel treatment, for holding her nose so long in supporting Barack Obama

For the ride of the General Election campaign, you'll be well served, and rewarded, by bookmarking Al Giordano's The Field!

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