Thursday, May 22, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Questions Possible Running Mates Will Have For John McCain At Weekend Meeting

News Item: McCain To Meet With Potential Running Mates

10. If they become VP, will he promise not to explode his infamous temper on them?

9. Why do you want to know how much cash I have on me?

8. In case they run for Senate, can he tell them the secret for pulling off a Keating Five-like scam?

7. Will Vicki Iseman be around over the weekend?

6. Will ask if they can get a sneak peak at Cindy McCain's tax return

5. Is there any advanced preview of John Hagee smears on Obama?

4. If not chosen for VP, can they get hooked up as a lobbyist on his staff?

3. The big question - How many times has he gotten laid on the Straight Talk Express!

2. Will joke McCain, asking him the Shiite-Sunni question, just to hear his discombobulated answer

1. All three, annoyed, will ask - "Does Lieberman have to sit in on this?"

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Bonus Bonus

Mark Halperin, of Time Magazine asks;

Veepstakes Quiz: For all the talk of gubernatorial running mates, when was the last time a major party candidate added to his ticket a sitting or former governor?
The answer is here

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