Tuesday, April 22, 2008

McGovern Straight Talks The Straight Talker

Major Chapeau Tip to Lowell, over on Badlands Blue for this beauty!

George McGovern takes a "dig" at John McCain

Seems the former Senator, and presidential candidate, gave a speech last Saturday evening in Sioux Falls, SD, at the Annual McGovern Day Dinner and he decided to throw a few jabs at Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

It's a good riff, with McGovern telling of being dismissed by SB McCain, only to have McGovern point out a few facts.

You should read it, but here's a little final sauce McGovern added;

If I'd be allowed just one little dig at Senator McCain, since he gave me. I would say, 'John, you were shot down early in the war and spent most of the time in prison. I flew 35 combat missions with a 10-man crew and brought them home safely every time.'
And here's a YouTube on it

Sen. McGovern speaking at McGovern Day pt.2

These digs come early in the video, hang with it as McGovern further articulates why it's important "to keep John McCain out of the White House".

More then likely, since it's McGovern, the Right Wing Freak Show will rush (well, they've already started, here ... And, Mary Kathrine Ham, from TownHall, who, Garlic Fans, will remember, we hipped you to her computer skills awhile back, goes into a convoluted defenses of McCain, by way of dredging up the John Kerry Swiftboating, running that through the mill again, and then accusing the Democrats of Swiftboating McCain, even though McGovern, in his direct hits, cites only publicly-available facts) to SB John's defense, stomp and smear him, while heaping the undeserved praise on the SB man.

Nice job, Senator McGovern!

Oh Boy, this is going to be fun.

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