Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy-Crazy Is Back, Pumping For McCain

One of our favorite, crazy-crazy, WMD-hunting, former Senators is back in the news.

Rick Santorum.

He's been penning a column and today, he begins the process (presumably, without asking them to hold their noses) of rallying the troops behind Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain.

The Elephant in the Room: Why conservatives should support McCain

Here's my final argument for John McCain. He's not Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Both Democrats have made their case in chief on why they should be president, and we have every reason to be concerned.

Both want to cut and run from Iraq, give the radical jihadists a victory from the jaws of defeat, and leave the Iraqi people vulnerable to chaos. Both would put in place dangerous economic policies that would make Uncle Sam look like an Orwellian Big Brother. Both would nominate liberal activist judges who would pass undemocratic laws from the bench. Both support one-size-fits-all health-care policies that have been a disaster for patients and medical industries in Canada. Good-bye, American capitalism; hello, European-style socialism.

"Would make Uncle Sam look like an Orwellian Big Brother?"

Rick, Rick, Rick ...

You haven't been paying attention to the news, have you? ... Perhaps, you've been busy, monitoring the "Man-on-Dog" thing? ... Or maybe, you were out recruiting Iranian bus drivers... Or on one of your WMD hunts...

The cover has been blown off that one, since, ohh ... Almost the minute the crooks and cronies began filing into the Bush Grindhouse.

Illegal Wiretapping? ... Ring any bells there, Ricky?

Plotting and planning torture, from deep inside the Bush Grindhouse?

I know Rick, you get really excited about “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week", it's probably a 24/7/365 event for you, but you really should come up for air once in awhile ...

I mean, it's about time you started pitching in, pulling your share, of not making yourself look like an asshole all the time ...

Get a glove Ricky, get in the game ...

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