Saturday, April 26, 2008

Editor's Note: Down, But Getting Back In The Groove

Good Afternoon Garlic Fans;

We hope you're enjoying a fine day, wherever you may be ...

Lo Siento, once again, for the low (and lack of) posting the past few days.

While there have been homefront commitments that have cut into writing time, it has more to do with being absolutely hammered by allergies the past week.

We're talking sledgehammer, wrecking ball levels of discomfort, with, on one day, the medication taken didn't even put a dent in it.

Disconcerting it is, as it has been quite some time since I felt it this heavy, this early in the season.

Trees here have just started blooming, and I know the rest is following over the next two months (Oh boy, I can hardly wait for early June and all that grass popping up).

As the week progressed, both creativity and energy was draining out of me, such to the point, it came to not even wanting to sit at the computer and attempt anything beyond the most perfunctory reading of email.

The allergies are low today, and a good nights' sleep has the energy levels back up ...

So, taking it while it's here, we'll start the process of completing some half-written posts, as well as creating new ones and get back on track, today and tomorrow.

Many Thanks, as always, for visiting and reading The Garlic.


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